Monday, September 1, 2014

Nice bash alias :)

Hi there, if you want to find out your IP address in terminal, it's annoying to type everytime:
# ifconfig eth0

Too much characters :)
Why not to add alias for that?
Let's edit '.bashrc' file, and add alias for that:
alias eth0='ifconfig eth0' 

Save & restart console and woala, just type 'eth0' and you've got the info.

I'll go further, and will make a script inside '.bashrc' file, that will add all interfaces for that automatically:
for line in $(echo $(ls /sys/class/net/) |tr -s ' '|tr ' ' '\n'); do
alias $line="ifconfig $line"

As you can see, the script looks into directory '/sys/class/net/' where listed all physical interfaces.

If you have 'wlan0' interface, you will be able to type:
and get the info.

As well, you can manipulate your interface through this command, like:
#eth0 down
Actually the command will be 'ifconfig eth0 down'

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