Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Web-App Penetration Testing Cheat-Sheet

Target: example.com
  1. example.com/robots.txt
  2. Login Page? Default Credentials.
  3. Wordpress: wpscan --url example.com --enumerate vp --random-agent
  4. nikto -host test.com
  5. wfuzz -I -c t 60 -w your_dictionary.txt  --hc 404,302 http://example.com/FUZZ.php // i like it more than dirbuster
  6. Open Burp Suite, explore application, analyze requests/responses.
  7. Pass to every parameter character validation locator '">my_string\ //there Apostrophe, Quote and escaping char at the end.
  8. Configure Burp to intercept responses if "my_string" is found. // This may reveal XSS & SQL Injection and other errors
  9. Is there file upload functionality?
  10. "page" param in url? LFI/RFI?
  11. XML? XXE.
  12. See console-alike output? Command Injection?
  13. In case of command injection, don't forget to: nc sudo.co.il 5353
  14. Is there WebSockets? Open network tab in browser or Burp Suite for easy examination.
  15. Google for outdated scripts: site:example.com ext:php
  16. In google's results, append to the end of url: &filter=0&start=900 to analyze most outdated results.
  17. Look for application logic issues: like sending price in request.
  18. Suggestions??

quick post... any suggestions?


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  2. Great HELP !!!
    only 1 correction :
    4) should be nikto -host example.com (That's the target ;) )